The Go-To Person

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Let’s work smarter, not harder.

Save Time

If your hourly rate is greater than mine it’s a no brainer to ask me to do the task for you

Lower your stress levels

Concentrate on what you’re being paid to do rather than spending time worrying about something that you haven’t done at home.

Generate Income

Spend your working hours generating income secure in the knowledge that your personal life is on track too.


With more than 30 years’ experience working across a variety of industries there’s not much that can faze me. If I don’t know to do something I work it out, technology I haven’t used before is simply something new to learn and I believe in always being contactable during working hours.

In 2015 I wrote a book for new administrators and secretaries called How to Become the Go-To person, hence my title.  If you’re a small business owner drowning in administration, or a professional with too little time for your personal stuff, I can clear your desk for you.

 How Can the Go-To Person Help YOU?

  • Chasing tracking numbers
  • Finding stockists of your favourite Aloe Vera because the one you’ve
    always used has gone out of business
  • Finding a dog walker
  • Finding a tradesperson
  • Finding a house to buy
  • Ordering from Amazon
  • Proofreading and/or editing a document
  • Making restaurant reservations
  • Booking travel
  • Ordering flowers and gifts
  • Finding 3 cover bands (or 5) to choose from for a wedding
  • Finding an outfit that looks like…the one in the photo
  • Finding out what’s trending on social media today

I know the questions to ask so I have all the details
to get the job done for you.

And, there’s more!

Do you want to spend time enjoying your holidays instead of planning them?
Do you need transport from the airport to your hotel?
Do you want to know which restaurants have a great vegan menu?
Do you want to know what’s going on in the local social scene?

Is there personal admin you must do but just don’t have the time?
Do you need to publish a book on Kindle?
Do you need to arrange that pampering/sports/family day out with your best friend?
Do you need to make a spreadsheet for all your subscriptions and when they expire?

Are you simply too focused on income-generating tasks to do anything else?
Do you need a gluten-free recipe plan for the week/month?
Are you using the same payment system you started out with because you don’t have time to research better options?
Have you tweaked your LinkedIn bio lately? 


Norah is my secret to getting things done in my personal life. She is an absolute super star.

Before I hired Norah, I sometimes had to spend hours on the phone to find the right person/solve a problem – sometimes without any luck. I do not know how she does it, but she does not only find the right tradespeople, they actually turn up on time and deliver excellent work.

These days, I just call/text her and she gets my issues fixed. In the past she not only managed to find an electrician on short notice, but also our cleaners, a roofer and someone to look and fix our pond.

Norah has high standards and I trust her to deliver on time and budget every time. I can recommend her to anyone looking for a personal problem solver.


Regina Hackenberg

Solution Engineer & Architect, Cloudera

Testimonial – July 2022

What do you do if you have a problem and don’t know where to turn?

I reach out to my network and ask.

This time they came up with a real champion. Norah Deay

I’d been dealing, or trying to deal, with an Insurance company and its cohorts, and getting nowhere fast. A couple of messenger exchanges and a quick call with Norah, and Campaign Twitter was launched by 8am.

By the close of play the situation was moving on as the top brass were involved and we got the result we were looking for.

I can’t praise her enough, she worked miracles for us.

Thank you.

Christina Kokis

Norah helped me with a very successful launch of an online course as well as doing general administrative tasks and maintaining my WordPress website. I am very impressed by her and her ability to get the job done as well as her extensive knowledge on all aspects of online marketing and course launching.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to get a project done or needs ongoing admin support. She has a very high level of customer service and is very communicative which are both very important to me. 

I am very glad to have found her. 

Rebecca Hamilton

Law of Attraction Coach and Realtor, ALIGN

Let’s Chat

Contact me with any questions you have and let’s see how I can help you. The first 30 minute consultation is free.

Once we’ve agreed on what you need you can then book TASK packages as required going forward. 

If you need assistance for more than one hour I have retainer packages available.
These are perfect for you if you need consistent help throughout the month and want to guarantee some of my time.
The monthly retainer fee is billed in advance, and any unused time can be rolled over for one month.


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