What prevents the majority of aspiring authors from publishing? It’s not a shortage of writing ability. It’s not due to a lack of knowledge. And, it is not a lack of desire. If you asked most writers why they have not completed their book, the response would be straightforward: time.

Coaches are busy individuals. You have clients to serve, an enterprise to manage, and a family to care for. In addition, you spend time developing new training courses, marketing on social media, managing your team, etc., etc., etc.

When would you have the time to complete a book?

Probably, you’ve already written it

It’s a fact. If you have a blog that you’ve been updating for more than a few months, you’ve probably already written all the material for your book. The only remaining tasks are organisation and a little edit.

If you don’t have a blog (why not? ), or if your blog is young, it is much easier to blog your book because you may arrange your content around your book’s topic.

 Here is how it operates

Consider your blog categories to be sections and each post to be a chapter. You can informally structure your book by categorising and listing all of your blog content in a sensible manner. Your book may contain a single category or multiple categories. The decision is yours to make.

Remove content that is self-serving, time-sensitive, curated, or otherwise inappropriate for a book. Eliminate the call-to-actions. Within a book, it makes little sense to advertise your paid programmes or, worse, affiliate offerings.

 What remains is a rough draft of the book.

Books should have a logical progression from chapter to chapter, therefore you’ll likely need to add or alter the beginnings and endings of your entries.

  1. Regarding spelling, use, and punctuation: Do not skip this section. In fact, get someone else to do it. It is tough to recognise our own errors, and book readers are less tolerant than blog readers.
  1. For content, solicit the assistance of a few trusted friends or coworkers who will give you their honest view. Request that they read the document and make note of any content that is unclear or might be clarified further.

That is all! After editing, your work is ready for publication.

 Do you believe no one will read a book based on your blog?

Think again. Bloggers have used this technique to produce books for years, and some of them have achieved phenomenal success. ProBlogger.net’s Darren Rowse wrote and published his phenomenally popular blogging guide using just stuff he has previously published on his site. Even though the content was freely accessible, he discovered that individuals purchased the book because they want the convenience of having it arranged in one document.

Even authors of fiction have realised the effectiveness of blogging a book. Andy Weir, the author of “The Martian,” initially published his work on a blog, chapter by chapter.

Stop allowing excuses to prevent you from publishing your book. Use the stuff you’ve previously written or plan carefully to transform your blog into a book, but get it published!

If you think you can’t self-publish, have a look at the video below.



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