What is preventing you from writing a book and becoming a published author, considering all the benefits that come with it? Regardless of your specialisation or audience, there is space on the shelf for your unique thoughts. You owe it to your audience and your company to publish that book.

The Influence of Published Authors

Your social media presence is an excellent reflection of your brand. Your blog engages and attracts new audiences. Your email list maintains communication with your fans and followers.

Each instrument in your marketing toolkit serves a purpose, but by far the most effective is your published book.

Your name on the cover of a real, printed-on-paper book is the only thing that can elevate your coaching business to rock star status.

 As a Writer, You’re an Instant Authority

Pay close attention to the “experts” interviewed on morning news programmes, talk radio, and podcasts. Observe anything?

Almost typically, they are presented as “the author of…”

There is a rationale for this. Those who have the knowledge to go deeply into a topic in order to explain it in a way that others may comprehend clearly know their stuff. Books do not merely scratch the surface of a topic. They pursue the rabbit trails, forge new connections, and explore uncharted territories.

If you have published a book, you have almost likely acquired the title of “expert.”

 Published Authors Are Devoted and Motivated

Not only are published authors regarded as specialists in their industry, but they have also demonstrated greater dedication than most. Consider the time, effort, and, often, frustration, involved in producing 150, 200, or even 300 pages of information on the same topic. In addition, these pages must follow a logical sequence, make sense of challenging subjects, and be interesting. They then haven’t left their book to gather virtual dust on a computer but have instead proceeded to publish it.

Those who accomplish this are should be commended, as it is a difficult task. When your work is published, you have earned the right to walk taller and hold your head more erect. But even if you don’t, because you’ve written a book, others will view you differently.

 Books provide an entry point when nothing else will suffice

When it comes to publicity — whether in the form of interviews, speaking engagements, JV invitations, or simply increased website traffic – a book is the best option. Books provide access that no other content marketing strategy can match.

Books attract the attention of influential leaders in your field.

Books increase your memorability as a speaker.

 And believe it or not, self-published novels can even lead to traditional publishing contracts and their attendant rewards.

As a thank you for reading this far, here’s my video, Intro to Self-Publishing. Yes, there’s a learning curve but also you don’t need an IT degree to master the process. I’d love to hear your thoughts on self-publishing and what stops you from writing that book you’ve been thinking and talking about for years!

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