Have you ever heard that your Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room?

On the right here is a birthday card I received for my 50th from a friend at work. I didn’t set out to be the queen of anything but I love learning – I didn’t like school, but I loved learning and I’ve never stopped. I was sick last week and I started building book funnels. I love doing them but I love all the other stuff I do too. 

birthday card with lady lying down and title says queen of fucking everything

Since I’ve started freelancing, I’ve read and listened to all the advice about the riches being in the niches (pronounced the US way, NITCHES) but for me this is like cutting off a limb.

If I’m copywriting does that mean I can’t help someone who needs tech help with their online course?

If I’m working on an online course does that mean I can’t help someone who needs to know they can create a better life through Infinite Possibilities?

If I’m concentrating on teaching the principles of Infinite Possibilities, does that then mean I shouldn’t advertise myself as the person who can help you with your life admin tasks?

I love templates in Canva but when it comes to me, I can’t contort myself into a template.

I don’t want to.

I love being the Queen of F***ing Everything!

I’ve twice been replaced by two people when I left jobs. This wasn’t necessarily because of workload; it was because I could do ALL the jobs.

When I discovered multipotentialities I knew I’d found my tribe – these people are the Queens (and Kings) of F***ing Everything, and they revel in it.

A multipotentialite is someone who has many different interests and purposes in life. It is important for a multipotentialite to learn new things and keep developing constantly. This keeps their mind sharp and makes them a great problem-solver. 

So what does this actually look like? 

Imagine you’re an entrepreneur who’s written a book with the intention to run an online course off the back of it – but you don’t know where to start, you’ve fallen behind on your admin and to top it all off, you’re not talking to your mother and your love life is the pits.

I can build you a book funnel that takes people to your course, I’ve 30 years’ PA experience at the highest level and can sort your admin out in a flash and then I can take you through the Infinite Possibilities programme, the art of creating your dream life to sort your relationships out.

I do all this because what keeps me going is helping as many people as possible and that’s why I’m here, in this  time and space.

Yes, the riches can be in the nitches for most people, but I’ve never been most people and the people who want me to work with them know that.

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